The new Virtual Desktop Community

Summer passed us this year as well, and Edward and I have been busy with a project we have had since back in April. We had a hard time finding time for the project, but after our holiday, we have been busy developing the new Virtual Desktop Community called

Our intention with is to gather a new community for IT admins,sales people and others, where they can discuss and collaborate on Virtual Desktop Solutions. There is no limit to which vendor you use or prefer whether and the best thing we are open for all!
All users can create their own groups if they like a product that they can’t find currently inside!

Our mission is all about The Social web, we integrate with both Facebook and Twitter and give the user the ability to share content in a blink of a second! We also give the users the ability to have their own blog inside! Makeing both a social community and a blog. Maybe you have had the urge to start a blog, but can’t find the right platform or don’t want to host your own server etc…? Well, then you can have your own personal blog on

Also, sharing content has never been more easy, from Videos, Photos to Events, share whatever you want releated to Virtualization and VDI all in one place!

As time passes we have more big plans for, come on in! IT’S FREE!

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