VMTurbo Introduces Application Performance Management

Manages Quality of Service (QoS) by Tying Enterprise Applications With the Underlying Virtual Infrastructure

VMworld – VMTurbo, a leading provider of intelligent workload management software to assure application performance, today announced that its September appliance upgrade will include Application Performance Management. By adding visibility into which enterprise applications are consuming virtualized infrastructure resources, VMTurbo can derive resource allocation and workload placement decisions based on application QoS and business requirements.

Applications are automatically discovered by the VMTurbo appliance and can be prioritized by infrastructure operations managers based on business goals. Individual application resource consumption and business priorities can drive rightsizing, suspension and other actions to maintain the balance between QoS and efficiency. Initially, VMTurbo Application Performance Management will be available for such popular windows applications as SQL server and IIS. Support for other applications, operating systems and extended application discovery and actions will be added in subsequent appliance releases.

“This is a major step towards delivering on our vision of holistically managing the entire IT stack — all the way from the business through the application, virtual and physical resources, to the data center,” said Lou Shipley, President and CEO of VMTurbo. “VMTurbo is the only real-time management solution for the virtualized data center that assures application quality of service while right-sizing the environment.”

Pricing and Availability
Application monitoring is priced at $200 per socket, or $25 per VM.

To learn more about the latest VMTurbo appliance release, please visit: https://www.vmturbo.com/blog/
To download, please visit: https://www.vmturbo.com/vmturbo-management-suite-download/

About VMTurbo
VMTurbo delivers an Intelligent Workload Management solution for Cloud and virtualized environments. VMTurbo uses an economic scheduling engine to dynamically adjust resource allocation to meet business goals. Using VMTurbo our customers ensure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing infrastructure and human resources in the most efficient way.