VMware has acquired the assets of RTO Software

At VMworld this past fall, VMware announced an OEM agreement with RTO Software to integrate their Virtual Profile technology into VMware View.  This was and is a strategically important technology for VMware and is destined to become a critical component of the View solution, providing the foundation for robust persona management. As a matter of fact, it’s critical enough that VMware today  announced the acquisition of RTO Software by VMware.

Their technology and talented people will join the VMware View team.  For those of you not familiar with RTO software they are well known for their Virtual Profiles, PinPoint and Discover products which help IT organizations simplify desktop deployments while providing end-users with a rich, robust and flexible experience.

The RTO technologies add a critical component to the View solution providing the foundation for robust persona management.  With persona management end-user specific information such as user data, settings and application access is separated from the desktop image enabling increased flexible access and portability of the desktop service.  This integration will provide end-users with a consistent user experience while IT organizations will benefit from simplified and optimized management of these assets.

For more information on this acquisition please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document here.

VMware will not acquire the TScale technology which RTO software has, this is probably due to that Citrix has licensed that technology to their XenApp solution.