Wanova Ships Latest Version of Wanova Mirage Desktop Virtualization Software

Wanova, Inc. today announced it has begun shipping the latest version of Wanova Mirage™ software, a distributed desktop virtualization solution designed to help IT departments better manage, support and protect remote and mobile PCs. In less than five months since its first product debut, Wanova has added new capabilities that further simplify the management of desktops across the distributed enterprise. Wanova Mirage 1.5 adds a number of capabilities, including support for endpoints running Windows 7, a wizard to easily migrate PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7 over the WAN, a free 5-license trial version of the software that can be downloaded from Wanova.com, as well as other enhancements.

In related news, Wanova also announced the Mellanox Technologies has deployed Wanova Mirage to improve helpdesk efficiency, data protection, and image management. https://wanova.com/pages/mellanox-technologies-deploys-wanova.html?page_id=627

“We continue to learn from our customers, and Wanova Mirage 1.5 incorporates many new capabilities that reflect that feedback,” said Issy Ben-Shaul, CTO and co-founder of Wanova. “Organizations want to reduce the total cost of ownership and improve control of distributed and mobile PCs, but not at the cost of additional complexity. Wanova’s unique architecture is proving to be a powerful, yet simple solution.”

About Wanova Mirage
Mirage centralizes the full contents of each user’s desktop in the data center – including files and user-installed applications – for management and data protection. IT can combine these user-specific components with an IT provisioned Base Image, comprised of an operating system and core applications, creating a Centralized Virtual Desktop, or CVD.

Each CVD is a full, bootable, hardware agnostic image, so it can be deployed to meet a variety of use cases, including:
•Local Execution: During normal operation, the CVD is executed locally on each endpoint, creating superior end user experience, and making it possible for a user to seamlessly work offline and online.
•Virtual/Central Execution: If a user loses their laptop, their CVD can be loaded into a virtual machine in the data center and accessed via a kiosk or thin client.
•PC Refresh: The user’s desktop can be migrated to a new hardware platform, giving the user complete access to their full desktop, including files, previously installed applications, and personalization in a matter of minutes.
•Local Troubleshooting: If a user is experiencing problems, a helpdesk employee can load their CVD into a workbench or virtual machine in the data center, and troubleshoot the desktop as if they were standing at the user’s desk. Once repaired, the CVD can be synchronized with the end user’s PC.

The new features and capabilities in version 1.5 include:

  • Free Eval Version: Wanova Mirage software can be downloaded from wanova.com. The 5-license evaluation is available immediately.

•Windows 7 Support: Mirage now supports Windows 7 clients, expanding the network of PCs that can be managed and protected.
•Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7: Mirage makes it possible for IT to centrally manage the migration of even remote user’s desktops from Windows XP to Windows 7. PCs can be migrated in place, with minimal disruption to the end user, while retaining user personalization and access to their files. Migration requires no external image servers or boot media, and leverages Wanova’s advanced transfer optimization methods to deliver large Windows 7 images over the WAN.
•Enhanced Storage Optimization: Wanova Mirage leverages a global single instance store shared by all endpoints which ensures that each file, application or OS instance is only written once to storage. Version 1.5 includes significant enhancements that further reduce storage capacity and throughput requirements, especially for large and frequently updated files like PSTs, introducing a new level of cost savings for centralized data protection.
•Compliance Meter: The Mirage Management Console provides a powerful dashboard that helps IT administrators quickly gauge the health of their desktop environment. Version 1.5 adds a widget to the dashboard that represents, as a percentage, the deviation of all managed endpoints from their IT-approved Base Image. Based on this information, administrators can easily and quickly enforce the Base Image for one or many endpoints to bring them back into compliance.
•Dynamic Collections: Administrators can create criteria-based groupings or “collections” of endpoints to simplify management. For example, a collection could be created for a certain hardware type, or to identify endpoints where compliance with the Base Image has dropped below a certain threshold. New endpoints will automatically be added to the appropriate collection.

About Wanova
Wanova, Inc. provides Distributed Desktop Virtualization solutions that transform how companies manage, support and protect their desktops and laptops. Wanova Mirage centralizes control of the physical and virtual desktop infrastructure while optimizing the end-user experience and providing full support for offline use. Wanova’s unique architecture enables companies to reduce costs while dramatically improving IT operations and users’ productivity. Wanova is privately held and headquartered in San Jose, CA with a development center in Netanya, Israel. For more information, please visit www.wanova.com.