What do you need to know about Citrix HDX Ready System on a Chip (SoC)

Last week at Synergy in Barcelona, Citrix announced the HDX Ready SoC initiative. Citrix listed a bunch of partners who will be participating in the program. They also showcased two vendors who are building their own HDX Ready SoC reference implementations.

Citrix HDX on a chip

What is HDX Ready SoC initiative?

The whole idea here is to build a new class of high performance, low power, low cost devices that can achieve HDX Ready certification. To do this we have taken the SoC approach based on ARM processors. This is the same approach taken by many other devices like cellphones and tablets.

Inside the chip, there is an ARM processor, 3D accelerator, multimedia encoders/decoders, DMA, USB controller, pretty much everything you need on a computer. Only memory and storage are external to the device. A device based on one of these reference implementations should have the SoC chip, the memory/flash and the physical connectors for USB, video and audio. This could fit in a wide range of form factors.

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