Why Quest is so excited about today’s desktop virtualization announcements from Microsoft?

Quest has had many customers, partners and other vWorkspace enthusiasts ask us for our take on today’s announcements from Microsoft pertaining to desktop virtualization. As an important Microsoft partner we were already aware of these changes and, needless to say, we are very excited about the changes Microsoft announced!

Why are we so excited? Well, for a lot of reasons. First of all, the changes to the licensing model for virtual desktops are extremely exciting. Desktop virtualization will become even more enticing to many more companies and as the volume of projects increases, customers will find out what is really important in these desktop virtualization projects and will look for the product that provides the best management, brokering and user experience (needless to say we know that is vWorkspace J).

Second of all, there’s RemoteFX. RemoteFX is an extremely exciting addition to the RDP protocol that will make RDP the natural choice for desktop virtualization on Hyper-V. As always, Quest will continue to embrace and extend the RDP protocol where needed. This will not change with RemoteFX. While we cannot disclose all the cool stuff that we have in store for the Microsoft desktop virtualization offerings, I can say that we are extremely excited about RemoteFX.

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