XenServer File System on Control Domain Dom0 Full

If you get the Events message File System on Control Domain Full – Disk usage for the Control Domain on server ‘YourXenServerName’ has reached 100.0%.

XenServer’s performance will be cirtically affected if this disk becomes full. Log files or other non-essential (user created) files should be removed.

File System on Dom0 is full

Then you can run the following commands in XenServer CLI to address this isse:

du -hs /var/*

XenServer Check /var/log files

I’ve taken the step of doing a clean up of all the log files! This will save a good amount of space! Before I did a rm *.gz –fo from /var/log directory. As a result, it’s down to 35MB, before I did the command, it was 450MB! If you run the command du -sh it now will report the size of the /var/log directory, which in my case now is 35MB!

XenServer Delete Log FilesAfter cleaning up XenServer /var/log


Next, you would also like to delete all uploaded patch files, which is no longer needed! I know, there should be some built in mechanism to remove old patch files, but there is not. You can either delete them manually via CLI or use WinSCP or similar tool to browse and delete, in my case there are 22 patch files!

Full XenServer var/patch

Delete XenServer patch files in CLI

That’s it… if you run du -hs /var/* again, you will now see that you have saved a good amount of disk space on Dom0