Goliath Technologies launches a great End User Reporting Suite for Citrix and VMware

Goliath Technologies Launches IT Industry’s Most Comprehensive IT & End User Experience Reporting Suite for Citrix, VMware, & NetScaler

Goliath Technologies’ suite of 66 Citrix, VMware, and NetScaler reports solve the problem of proving and remediating the root cause of IT and end user experience performance issues by pulling the most detailed metrics from all tiers of the virtual desktop and server infrastructure.

Goliath Technologies has officially launched a suite of 66 Citrix, VMware, and NetScaler reports with valuable metrics IT Operations Teams can leverage  to trend performance and provide objective evidence to management and other stakeholders as to the root cause of performance degradation so fix actions can be implemented to permanently resolve end user experience issues.
Goliath’s 66 out-of-the-box IT performance reports for Citrix, VMware, and NetScaler give administrators and engineers the ability to proactively analyze the performance of critical IT elements and correlate this data with the end user experience.

“Comprehensive reporting is essential if an IT organization is going to achieve a proactive posture. Without the ability to analyze trends and provide objective evidence as to the true root cause of an event, it is simply impossible to get ahead of IT issues before they impact end users,” said Thomas Charlton, CEO of Goliath Technologies.
Many of the world’s most successful organizations like Walmart, Facebook, and Salesforce are using Goliath’s reporting suite to solve problems such as proactively troubleshooting complex issues like slow Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop logons, and to provide upper level management with historical and real time data to effectively manage their IT infrastructure in order to meet business objectives.

A top 5 global retailer uses Goliath’s NetScaler reports to see how many requests are being made to each of the retailer’s product categories (Virtual IP addresses), which are showing high latency or are generating error codes, which servers are generating errors such as timeouts, and how the traffic is distributed to the backend servers. This data is essential to ensure the buyer’s purchase journey is seamless.

For Healthcare IT teams who monitor and manage EMR/EHR applications like Cerner, MEDITECH, Epic, and Allscripts, Goliath’s suite of 66 reports are used to pinpoint performance issues that are common with EMR/EHR applications in Citrix environments.
“We challenged Goliath to resolve issues related to Citrix, McKesson, and Allscripts, our EMR/EHR applications. Goliath installed their product in one day. The Goliath team quickly identified, and documented in reports, the root cause of several issues in our Citrix environment. They suggested remediation actions that dropped support tickets by 25% in one month,” said Chad Brisendine, CIO of St. Luke’s University Health Network.
Goliath’s VMware vSphere historical reports and daily health check reports are used to eliminate blind spots and false positives, and give full visibility into the Application and OS layers so that IT Operations teams can identify the root cause of vSphere performance issues.
Charlton added, “Our competitive separation in reporting is a result of the combination of various integration protocols and APIs that enable us to collect more detailed metrics than other solutions.

All 66 of Goliath’s Citrix, VMware, and NetScaler reports that are available in Goliath Performance Monitor, Goliath Logon Simulator and Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler can be viewed here.