Atlantis unveils a All-Flash Hyper-Converged Appliance

Atlantis Computing , the leading provider of Software-Defined Storage, has announced the immediate availability of Atlantis HyperScale™, the first turn-key hyper-converged appliance to deliver all-flash performance for all applications at 50 to 90 percent lower cost than traditional storage or other hyper-converged appliances.

Atlantis HyperScale pre-integrates the company’s award-winning, patented software-defined storage solution on the customer’s choice of server hardware from HP, Cisco, Lenovo or SuperMicro that feature Intel® Xeon® processors, as well as Intel® Solid-State Drives and hypervisors from VMware or Citrix. Atlantis also provides a single point of contact for premium around-the-clock maintenance and support for customers including 4-hour parts replacement. Every Atlantis HyperScale purchase includes a three-year global end-to-end service and support program, covering the entire appliance, including the Atlantis software, hypervisor, solid-state drives (SSDs) and server hardware components.

Atlantis HyperScale will be unveiled alongside Citrix, VMware and industry-leading solution providers and customers at today’s launch event in the iconic Churchill War Rooms. Atlantis HyperScale is sold exclusively through Atlantis Channel Partners, who will integrate and deliver HyperScale solutions preconfigured to customers.

“Midsized businesses need lightning fast, cost-effective storage from a trusted source on the hardware they know and love. Atlantis HyperScale is the very first plug-and-play appliance to integrate all-flash speed at less than half the cost,” said Chetan Venkatesh, founder, president and CEO of Atlantis. “We are disrupting the way companies of all sizes buy and consume storage. No one has to remain hostage to steep hardware premiums or settle for infrastructure complexity. Atlantis HyperScale delivers enterprise-class Software-Defined Storage to the masses.”

Built on Atlantis USX™, the company’s award-winning SDS platform, the appliance provides:

All-Flash Performance

Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an all-flash array in every appliance, enabling IT organizations to meet the performance requirements of any workload. Atlantis HyperScale features Software-Defined Storage technology that performs in-memory in-line deduplication before data is written to storage, leading to extremely low latencies, high IOPS and lower storage network traffic.

Disruptive Cost

Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliances cut datacenter infrastructure costs by 50 to 90 percent, while delivering all-flash performance. Atlantis reduces costs by using its patented data reduction and IO acceleration technology to reduce the amount of physical memory and local flash required per TB of storage capacity. Based on industry-standard x86 server hardware, Atlantis HyperScale eliminates the need for expensive proprietary hardware or multiple tiers of flash and hard drives required by other hyper-converged appliances. Starting at $78,000 for a 12TB all-flash four-server cluster, Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliances cut datacenter infrastructure costs by 50 to 90 percent, while delivering exceptional performance.

Freedom of Choice

Atlantis HyperScale gives enterprises the freedom to use their preferred server and hypervisor platforms, eliminating complexity and additional investments in training, time and tools. This helps customers simplify their datacenters and prevent vendor lock-in. Atlantis HyperScale is the only hyper-converged appliance available on four leading server platforms and multiple hypervisors.

Modular Scalability

Atlantis HyperScale allows enterprises to scale storage in small modular units as they grow their compute resources, instead of forcing them to buy large and expensive storage arrays with limited performance. Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an all-flash array in every appliance with 12 or 24 TB of capacity, empowering customers to scale-out performance and capacity to meet any application requirement.


“With Atlantis HyperScale, the company has translated its Software-Defined Storage platform – with all its flexibility, rich feature set and scalability – into a highly consumable appliance that presents a compelling alternative to midsize enterprises,” said Simon Robinson, Research Vice President, 451 Research. “With a focus on simplicity, speed and efficiency, Atlantis HyperScale brings a new dimension to the fast-evolving hyper-convergence market, which is poised to disrupt the storage market in a significant way. Channel partners and customers should both come out winners.”