Citrix Enables Enterprise Mobility with New CloudGateway Solution

Citrix announced CloudGateway 2, a powerful new update to its enterprise mobility solution that adds extensive mobile application management capabilities, including full support for native HTML 5, iOS and Android apps.

The new CloudGateway release also adds integration with Citrix ShareFile™, giving customers a single unified control point for all apps and data enterprise-wide. This allows employees to be as productive on-the-go as they are in the office with access to their personalized set of applications and data when and where they need them.

According to Forrester Research, Inc. 65 percent of information workers work from multiple locations*, and by 2016, 350 million employees will use smartphones, 200 million of whom will bring their own to work**. Additionally, Citrix research shows that workers use an average of three devices a day (link to Citrix Enterprise Mobility Study). Workers ranging from individual contributors to executives are demanding tools to enable them to be productive from any location on any device.

To address this new dynamic, businesses need a solution that allows employees to access corporate resources, such as apps and data, on any device, while maintaining tight security and policy controls. By properly managing and securing this corporate content, companies can ensure their employees are productive wherever they are, while reducing the risks associated with user data, installed apps and mobile and non-corporate owned devices.
*”Forrester Research, Forrsights Q4 2011 Workforce Survey”
**”Mobile Is The New Face Of Engagement”, Forrester Research, February 13, 2012

The Citrix enterprise mobility management solution addresses this need through a mobile container that separates work data from personal data, a cloud container that centralizes control over all apps and docs, and an app store that securely delivers this content based on an employee’s role, device, location, and connectivity. Specifically, Citrix Receiver™ an easy-to-install software client, gives users a single, secure place to access their cloud apps and locally run their native apps and data from billions of devices (read about the new enhancements to Citrix Receiver). CloudGateway provides an app store that securely delivers Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps as well as data to employees on any device. The new version of CloudGateway brings:

  • Complete, Secure Mobile App Management – IT organizations can now internally develop or purchase native iOS, Android and HTML5 mobile apps, securely manage them – just like they do for traditional Windows apps – through a policy engine that enables IT managers to set rules around how these applications can be used. For example, IT can automatically provision mobile apps to new employees when they are assigned to a role within Active Directory and then enforce policies, such as employees may only use a corporate app from a secure network or that an app will lock after three failed log-in attempts. In the event a device is lost or an employee leaves the organization, IT can instantly revoke that employee’s access and/or lock the app and wipe all of the associated data. IT can now manage mobile apps and app policies alongside all of their other Windows, web and SaaS apps to deliver a fully secure set of applications to mobile users.
  • Enterprise Follow-me-Data with ShareFile – Using CloudGateway with ShareFile, companies can give employees access to their files on whichever device they choose through seamless role-based management. ShareFile accounts can be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned with CloudGateway when an employee is added to or removed from Active Directory. Once an employee has a ShareFile account, files can be accessed on any device through Citrix Receiver, and will follow the employee across all devices being used. Data associated with native mobile apps or Windows apps hosted by Citrix XenApp® is easily accessible and can follow the employee across any of the devices being used. In the event a device is lost or an employee leaves the organization, IT can remotely wipe all of the data in Citrix Receiver. (read more about ShareFile integration with CloudGateway)

“The trend toward mobile workstyles and BYOD is here today and gaining momentum. With millions of new mobile and employee-owned devices coming into the enterprise, companies are challenged to develop strategies to manage this device chaos. Only an end-to-end solution that separates work content from personal content and brings security and manageability down to the application and data level – a missing piece in today’s point solutions – can enable employee productivity and allow enterprises to support a mobile workforce while maintaining the right levels of security and control.”
– Scott Schwarzhoff , Vice President of Product Marketing, Receiver and Gateways at Citrix
CloudGateway 2 will be available in July, 2012.