Citrix releases Convoi mobile app


A new mobile collaboration experience from the people who brought you GoToMeeting. Convoi allows you to send messages or conference call your entire team with just one tap to your iPhone! Best of all, it’s a FREE app!

Check it out!

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

  • Dramatically-improved audio quality.
  • Real-time connection quality status for all call participants.
  • Add team members in seconds from your Contacts.
  • Get a birds-eye view of all your team calls with the new My Teams view.
  • Quick informal Interactions -> Stay connected with the people on all your teams. Great for any group of on-the-go people who need to communicate often!
  • No need to share your phone number -> Interact from any of your own devices without having to give away your personal phone number.
  • Unlimited teams, messages and calls -> As many teams, chats and calls as you want. Free!

Check it out here and download today at

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