Citrix updates their partner program

Citrix changes their Partner program

Citrix has announced that they are to make updates to its partner program and incentive portfolio.

Citrix is delineating its partner incentives to reward distinct sales activities. Specifically, Citrix is introducing a new suggested upfront discount for partner-identified and qualified opportunities, clarifying existing incentives to focus rewards on objective activities, and expanding its marketing development funds to fuel partner growth.

Recalibrated incentives will reward Citrix partners for the value they bring to the entire sales cycle focused on two distinct selling functions: identifying and qualifying new opportunities and solution selling in existing and new opportunities.

Kimberly Martin, vice president, worldwide partner sales and strategy at Citrix says that “they are focused on helping our partners bring our solutions to the mid-market and making Citrix the most profitable vendor on which our partners can build a business. We are committed to increasing the value of our partner programs and resources. The changes we’re announcing represent a second wave of improvements in 2016 and are designed to promote growth, drive profit and give our partners greater predictability, especially for those partners that invest in their relationship with us and look to target the mid-market.”

Enhanced Resources & Incentives for Identifying & Qualifying New Opportunities

Designed to drive mid-market focused demand generation and enablement activities that target high-potential opportunities, Citrix is introducing a new Strategic Development Fund for Citrix Solution Advisors (CSAs) and distributors. To be introduced in July 2016 in the Americas and EMEA, it will replace existing marketing fund programs and provide partners with funds to drive down the cost of planned and documented marketing activities which target the highest ROI opportunities in the mid-market. A rollout is intended to follow in the Asia Pacific and Japan region later this year.

On May 9, Citrix will launch the Net New Partner Sourced program to enable CSA, SI and ISV partners to be rewarded for identifying and qualifying new opportunities, especially in the mid-market. Under the program, partners will be eligible for a seven percent suggested upfront discount on all new partner qualified opportunities. This new incentive is additive to existing up front suggested discounts including Specialist CAR Plus and Opportunity Registration for Networking. Partners will continue to be rewarded for solution selling in all market segments through the Citrix Advisor Rewards program, regardless of whether or not they are the fulfilling partner. Altogether, partners can realize an increase in overall incentive payout of up to ten percent.


Simplified Rewards for Solution Selling

In response to partner feedback, Citrix is updating all aspects of the CAR program with simplified objective processes that reward solution selling activities throughout the sales cycle. Citrix is enhancing the rules in place to streamline interaction between partners and the Citrix sales organization throughout the entire incentive registration lifecycle.

While these program updates are focused on the significant mid-market opportunity, Citrix incentives are available across all market segments and for deals targeting new and existing customers.