Citrix XenClient 4.5 Tech Preview now available

Citrix has officially released XenClient Enterprise Version 4.5 Technology Preview. Citrix advises against deploying this release in production environments as data loss may be possible, so in other words, play with it!
These Release Notes provide information about resolved and current issues in this release of XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer and XenClient Enterprise Engine. A significant number of improvements  comprise this release, each of these are described below.

Citrix XenClient 4.5 Tech Preview

Citrix XenClient delivers the benefits of desktop virtualization to users that need local execution, such as laptop users, with complete security and centralized IT control. The product is comprised of two main components. The first is the client hypervisor, called XenClient Enterprise Engine. The management server is called XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer. Please find the product download components and related resources for XenClient Enterprise below.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Broader hardware compatibility provides for support for the latest 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors including Ultrabooks. The current hardware compatibility list can be found here and will be updated when XenClient 4.5 becomes generally available.
  • XenClient Enterprise is now localized allowing end users around the globe to experience a more engaging and familiar experience when using the product.
  • VLAN tagging support enables administrators to extend the notion of virtual machine isolation by tagging and routing network traffic to specific virtual machines.  VLAN tagging policies are configured on the Synchronizer management server.
  • External network access to Synchronizer via Citrix NetScaler allows users external to the corporate network to securely access the Synchronizer from remote locations. Two modes of NetScaler operation were tested with the Synchronizer:
    • SSL bridging
    • SSL offload
  • Windows 8 guest OS support provides for updated paravirtualization drivers and multi-touch in guest support.  Tablet, convertible and multi-monitor support will follow in a later release.
  • Native Windows experience features include:
    • A new display architecture
    • Dual external monitors in a docking station
    • 30% improvement in hypervisor boot time
    • VM export support 

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