EMC Acquires Syncplicity


At EMC World 2012, EMC announced that it has acquired privately held Syncplicity, Inc., a leader in cloud-based file management solutions. Based in Menlo Park, California, Syncplicity provides native cloud-based sync and share capabilities required by enterprise customers. Enterprise sync and share solutions are increasingly required by companies in response to the proliferation of mobile, social and cloud computing.

Unlike competitive offerings geared for consumers, Syncplicity solutions were built for the enterprise, enabling users to interact and share content on their device of choice with the security and governance IT requires. The company’s solutions help organizations manage, sync, share and backup files across its’ extended enterprise, providing the tools they need to maximize productivity, protect their corporate data, and reduce infrastructure and support costs.

Integrating Syncplicity with the Information Intelligence Group portfolio provides a compelling opportunity for organizations, leveraging EMC’s rich heritage in enterprise content management, information governance solutions and cloud storage, thousands of enterprise customers who rely on its technology to run their businesses and EMC’s strong go-to-market channel. The addition of Syncplicity also extends EMC’s strategy of enabling the ‘New User’ in the Post PC era, those who want to access, share, collaborate and participate in business processes on their preferred device.

he combination of Syncplicity’s innovations and technology with EMC’s enterprise DNA and scale puts us in a unique position to truly change the game for our customers.

In 2008 Syncplicity helped introduce the world to the power of cloud-based “sync and sharing” solutions. Our focus from the start has been to give businesses of all sizes a new way to access, share and collaborate on files leveraging the cloud.   Anytime, anywhere, any device.

With this announcement, they join forces with the world leader in enterprise content management, information governance and storage to usher in a new era of seamless content access, mobility and collaboration.   

We’re in the midst of the biggest shift in enterprise computing since the internet in the 1990’s.  Innovations over the last two years in mobile, social and cloud computing are remarkable, especially when you think about how quickly the market has embraced them.  But we’re just getting started.  The foundation has been laid for what’s coming next and that’s what’s really exciting.

With a billion smart phones, 300 million tablets and new social and cloud applications coming to market every day, how we access and share all our content, and how we collaborate with our colleagues, will fundamentally change over the next few years.  We’ll all expect access to our stuff from anywhere, no matter where we first created or stored it.  We will abandon Web 2.0 solutions and demand more.  We’ll expect rich and safe ad hoc collaboration anytime, from anywhere, with anyone we want to work with.   We’ll expect it to be simple and easy.  We won’t invest time in managing our content.  Drag and drop, email attachments, and unmanageable silos of data will be in our past.  Content will just be where and how we need it.

EMC Executive Quote:

Rick Devenuti, President, Information Intelligence Group, EMC

“It’s our core belief that productivity and security are not mutually exclusive. In acquiring Syncplicity, we validate this concept by uniting enterprise ‘sync and share’ capabilities for the cloud with governance and rigor that is synonymous with Documentum ® . As cloud, social and mobile dominate the way work gets done, our customers require more than simple containers for managing and sharing content. With Syncplicity, we will deliver best-in-class solutions for true extended enterprise collaboration.”   

The Information Intelligence Group division of EMC is focused on four key strategic priorities for customer success – delighting the “New User” of the Post PC era with a compelling, fast and modern user experience across a variety of end-point devices; accelerating our customers’ journey to the cloud; delivering pervasive governance to protect information wherever it exists, and helping our customers transform their business with high value solutions.