Flexiant and Nutanix Form Technology Partnership to Offer European Service Providers Comprehensive SAN-Free Cloud Solutions


Flexiant and Nutanix has announced that European service providers will now benefit from a plug and play cloud orchestration and virtualised solution.

Flexiant is a leading European provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. Nutanix’s innovative solution collapses the conventional two-tiered datacenter design (Storage & Compute) down to one single scalable appliance, delivering the world’s first flash accelerated 2U datacenter, capable of hosting hundreds of virtualized workloads without the need for a SAN. The Flexiant/Nutanix partnership enables service providers to benefit from a simple and innovative solution at a low cost entry point that can scale to growing business requirements.

Jim Foley, SVP Market Development, Flexiant said, “Service providers need the ability to rapidly construct, deliver and manage a diverse range of cloud services. These services need to be differentiated and deliver competitive advantage. By combining Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and the Nutanix appliances we are making it possible for service providers to achieve their objectives faster, with greater simplicity and at a significantly reduced cost than other solutions in the market.”

Flexiant software removes the complexity of tasks such as constructing, orchestrating, metering and billing of cloud services. Nutanix removes the complexity of deploying, managing and scaling the underlying hardware, while removing the headache and cost of managing complex SAN and NAS storage.

Foley continued, “By forming this technology partnership we will enable service providers to deploy a hosted solution, quickly, with the required computing power and storage, business agility, freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure cloud services. All this is done with a level of simplicity and cost-effectiveness not previously available.”

Alan Campbell, Sales Director Nutanix EMEA said, “With many service providers looking to deploy cloud platforms efficiently and speedily, the combination of Nutanix Cluster and Flexiant Cloud Orchestration, we jointly provide a ‘best-of-breed’ solution. Following the launch of Nutanix EMEA, we have received considerable interest from the service provider market due to our linear, predictable and scalable building block approach that helps address the investment challenges many organisations face with traditional architectures.”


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