AppSense updates StrataApps



AppSense Labs has taken StrataApps to the next level! This second release of AppSense StrataApps delivers greater flexibility for users managing their own personal productivity applications with the ability to import and export their applications across multiple, similar devices.


This latest version also ensures users benefit from the latest and greatest StrataApps developments with Automatic Update Notification options as new features and enhancements are released from AppSense Labs.

StrataApps has given the User the ability to manage their own personal productivity applications across multiple, similar devices. Users can now backup their laptop applications onto a USB key then import them onto a replacement laptop. Users can export their personal applications from one VDI onto a file share and import their applications onto the next VDI they happen to get assigned! Persistent applications in a non-persistent world!

Key new features include

Application import and export

Users are empowered to export their AppSense StrataApps Application Datastore to a wide variety of external locations such as removable USB drives, Network Shares, File Servers and even cloud based storage infrastructure such as DropBox, SkyDrive and It can also be used in conjunction with AppSense DataNow to provide anywhere access to their applications stored safely within existing IT infrastructure. By providing the option to export your StrataApps Application Datastore to a multitude of locations, users can centrally store all of their existing applications and simply import them into any new desktop session or onto any new device in just a few clicks. Multiple exports can be created to provide individual libraries of logically grouped applications, for example, a user may wish to Export their user introduced communication applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Tweetdeck and GoToMeeting clients or Media applications such as iTunes, BBC iPlayer and QuickTime. This then empowers a user to selectively import only the initially required applications to a brand new desktop or device first for immediate access to those applications and then later import the rest of their AppSense StrataApps Application Datastore.

Automatic update notifications

As new features and enhancements to AppSense StrataApps are released, end users are automatically notified of any new updates available via a System Tray alert. Updates may include new features, enhancements to existing features, user experience improvements or application compatibility updates. The update can be initiated by the user at a time convenient to them.

Application compatibility updates

Based on feedback from thousands of end users installing tens of thousands of applications via AppSense StrataApps and the continuous research and development within the AppSense Labs development teams, this latest version of AppSense StrataApps delivers further improvements to application compatibility. This on-going development will be made available to end users via the new Automatic Update Notification feature.

New end user license agreement

The first release of AppSense StrataApps was released as Beta software, it has now been upgraded to that of Freeware software. While not covered by the AppSense Product Support Team, this latest release presents a new EULA which encourages the use of StrataApps in a live production environment.


Download StrataApps for FREE today at AppSense Labs and let us know how StrataApps is helping you align with your users on their quest for productivity!


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