HyTrust Enables Adoption of Cloud Service Model with Flexible Infrastructure and Virtual Network Segmentation

HyTrust Releases HyTrust Appliance Update

HyTrust, Inc., the leader in policy management and access control for virtualization infrastructure, today announced a new version of HyTrust Appliance that adds capabilities for more flexible infrastructure segmentation and role management so business units can share resources while maintaining partitioning and accountability. This and other features further the company’s commitment to enabling organizations to confidently virtualize more and adopt a cloud service model.

HyTrust President and CEO, Eric Chiu, said: “HyTrust customers dramatically improve their return on investment in virtualization by enabling secure and accountable self-service across the entire IT ecosystem. The new version also extends control and visibility beyond the hypervisor to include Cisco virtual network infrastructure, signifying the first solution to control administrative access to the network layer, or Cisco Nexus 1000V, also demonstrating how HyTrust is enabling policy-based access control and audit logging across the entire data center and cloud stack.”

Significant improvements have been made to audit logs as well, allowing archiving of all vCenter events into a centralized SysLog repository as well as compliance-related configuration reporting without post processing.

In addition, with the new release HyTrust is also expanding its footprint into new vertical markets by introducing support for smart card two-factor authentication, a feature requested by numerous federal agencies that will enable the confident expansion of their virtualization initiatives, while opening up a new market for HyTrust in the public sector.

New HyTrust Appliance Capabilities At a Glance

  • Support for complex, multi-domain directories
  • Single sign-on via Windows pass through authentication
  • New ESX configuration templates including VMware Hardening Guide 4.0 and SOX
  • Application-level high availability for HyTrust Appliance
  • Support for VMware vSphere 4.1
  • Authorization for Cisco Nexus 1000V command line management

“HyTrust Appliance helps customers solve a number of key virtualization challenges, including limiting access to the virtual infrastructure at an extremely granular level, determining which systems can be accessed by whom, and dictating how various objects within the virtual infrastructure interact with one another. Additionally, HyTrust Appliance’s detailed logs greatly simplify compliance and change control,” said Dave Bartoletti, senior analyst at Taneja Group. “As a result, customers can confidently virtualize more systems that process payment card information and demonstrate to their auditors that proper controls are in place. I’d also call out HyTrust’s ability to grant self-service to various internal IT groups as a strong differentiator—this is an essential requirement for developing efficient internal clouds.”

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