Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity FlexApp v5.2 released to market


Liquidware Labs, a player in the desktop transformation solutions space, has announced the availability of ProfileUnity FlexApp v5.2. 

ProfileUnity FlexApp is an award-winning user virtualization and virtualized software distribution system which is rapidly gaining market share as a growing number of customers prefer it’s ease of use, low acquisition cost, straightforward deployment, its ability to manage both user profiles and data, and application delivery on demand, in virtualized and physical desktop environments.

New capabilities include:

  • User Rights Elevation Management for FlexApp
  • “Run With Administrative Rights” functionality, which enhances administrators ability to automate and execute advanced desktop management tasks
  • Data Migration Reporting

User Rights Elevation Management Feature

Liquidware Labs delivered FlexApp UIA (User Installed Applications) technology earlier this year to enable users to install their own applications which would follow them upon login to any desktop in the enterprise. User Rights Elevation Management for FlexApp now adds an extra layer of security for UIA, by removing the requirement for users to be local administrators to install applications.  Furthermore, desktop administrators can now limit the type of UIA downloads and further restrict them by department, organizational unit (OU), user, or other context-aware filter criteria. For example, ProfileUnity FlexApp administrators can allow or deny the installation of applications that are “Signed,” installed from a specific network path, contain a specific vendor’s name, and more.

“User Rights Elevation Management continues to refine and round-out needed functionality in FlexApp UIA,” said Jason Mattox, CTO of Liquidware Labs.  “Being able to allow or deny certain types of applications by authentication, vendor name, or installation path, empowers desktop administrators with enterprise-level management for FlexApp. This allows for tight end user controls and lockdown, but does not sacrifice user experience when installing approved applications.”

“Run With Administrative Rights” Feature

ProfileUnity FlexApp’s new “Run with Administrative Rights” feature enables a greater spectrum of new desktop configuration abilities.  New capabilities include the ability to limit, lockdown, or hide certain parts of the Windows OS from users or administratively control application functionality by leveraging registry key modifications to HKLM (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE). As a result, ProfileUnity FlexApp can now modify desktop configurations with administrative rights in order to deliver broader desktop configuration functionality without compromising desktop security. For example, ProfileUnity FlexApp is now enabled to execute registry-based commands with administrative rights on local desktop to disable USB storage, remove add/remove program capabilities, and turn off the ability for users to see the Control Panel.

“Our new ‘Run with Administrative Rights’ feature enables ProfileUnity FlexApp to complete administrator level tasks while only elevating the solution to administrative rights and not users Windows® sessions,” said Jason E. Smith, Director of User and Application Virtualization solutions for Liquidware Labs.  “This feature truly unleashes the configuration capabilities within ProfileUnity FlexApp to provide administrators with greater and much more granular control over enterprise Windows desktops to more easily and securely execute administrator level tasks and lock down desktops.”

Data Migration Reporting Feature

ProfileUnity FlexApp has also added Data Migration Reporting capabilities in version 5.2.  Liquidware Labs has led the industry in recent years, being first with its ability to migrate user-authored data in the background of a desktop session before cutting over to administrator-selected folders for redirection to the network on any enterprise Windows desktop.  Data Migration Reporting centralizes the status of thousands of users’ migrations of their user authored data into easy-to-read reports that can be viewed or exported from ProfileUnity FlexApp’s central management console.  Administrators and consultants will be able to verify at-a-glance which users and PCs across the enterprise have completed the migration of mission critical user-authored data. The new feature is another user virtualization management industry first, exclusive to Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity FlexApp, and is critical to ensuring that no important data is left behind, unprotected.

You can learn more about ProfileUnity FlexApp v5.2 by visiting  You can also get a “Sneek Peek” of the upcoming features and developments, including Department Installed Applications (DIA) in ProfileUnity FlexApp 5.5 as well.  ProfileUnity FlexApp v5.2 is immediately available for download and trial by visiting  For a limited time, prospective users can still take advantage of Liquidware Labs “Dare2Compare” program, which provides free, fully functional ProfileUnity FlexApp licenses, including Support services for one full year, for up to 10% of your current managed seat count, or 500 seats maximum.