Microsoft releases Windows Thin PC (WinTCP)

Microsoft has released Windows Thin PC also called WinTCP.

WinTPC makes this a reality and plays a part in Microsofts broader desktop virtualization strategy , which is to deliver the flexibility to work from everywhere, improve compliance and business continuity, and simplify management so that IT professionals can deliver better service to employees.

With the above goal in mind Microsoft has created WinTPC to help customers repurpose their PCs as thin clients, thereby driving down the cost of VDI.

New features in the RTM release:

  • Keyboard Filter: WinTPC will have the capability to allow customers to lock certain key combinations, such as Ctrl +Alt + Delete, from being utilized and taking effect on a Windows Thin PC device, thereby providing customers with greater level of security and control over user interaction with their WinTPCs.
  • International IMEs (Input Method Editor) support: WinTPC will now include the option to support international keyboards.
  • Key Management Server (KMS)/Multiple Activation Key (MAK): WinTPC will now be able to activate against a customer’s existing KMS server or use MAK keys, which enables quick and easy activation mechanisms that customers already use for their Windows desktops today.

Microsoft is also planning to add Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) support to WinTPC in the Q3 of 2011. Also the Citrix Receiver will be made available for WinTPC, so that XenApp and XenDesktop can be made available. For management System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 can be used.

To learn more and to download Windows Thin PC click here