SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager, powered by Profiler released

SolarWinds® Inc., a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced the availability of its new SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (formerly Hyper9) and SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler, extending the depth of its virtualization and storage management solution offering.

Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager are complementary, comprehensive solutionsdesigned to help the IT community conquer virtualization complexity as environments scale and mature, including managing the server virtualization layer and optimizing storage performance and capacity for virtualization.

Designed for geeks, by geeks, both products are powerful, affordable and easy-to-use.


SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (formerly Hyper9) highlights:

  • Time Travel:Map dependencies and perform forensic troubleshooting and historic problem analysis in fast moving virtual environments.
  • vSphere™ Plugin: Perform virtualization management tasks directly from the VMware vCenter inventory.
  • Capacity Planning I/O: Support storage and network I/O in capacity planning to help efficiently budget and plan for new purchases, identify waste, and investigate public cloud options.
  • Alert Recommendations:Quickly discover and act on performance issues using flexible alerts and integrated recommendations. Launch directly from an alert into dependency map, search, DNA and performance analyzer in context.
  • Improved Performance Charting: Track relational performance correlation using stack charts and graph overlays.
  • New Out-of-the-Box Content: Leverage multiple new alerts, trends and dashboards such as the “host and cluster health” and “showback” dashboard.

SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler, highlights:

  • Storage I/O Hotspot Detection: Quickly isolate storage I/O hot spots and the source of contention, simplifying troubleshooting of shared storage and server performance bottlenecks.
  • VM to Physical Storage Mapping: Now includes virtualization and server management capabilities previously available in SolarWinds Virtual & Server Profiler, including automatic mapping of VMs, applications and logical connections to the physical storage environment.
  • Multi-Vendor SAN and Fibre Channel Switch Management: Gain visibility into fibre channel switches and the SAN fabric. In addition to the broad multi-vendor storage array support, Storage Manager now supports IBM V7000 and EMC VNX, including CLARiiON and Celerra under VNX.
  • VMware Thin Provisioning: View thin provisioning info on virtual disks and gain visibility into the level of over-commitment on datastores.
  • Orion Integration Module: View Storage Manager data from the Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) interface.