Mobile SDK for Windows Apps

The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps developer tool kit with over 100 APIs to create custom, mobile-friendly applications hosted by XenDesktop or XenApp in the data center and delivered to any smartphone or tablet with Citrix Receiver. Enterprise desktops or applications can now have full access to mobile device capabilities such as sensors, GPS, and cameras.

The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps is targeted for use by enterprise developers, System Integrators, and ISVs to create new mobile-friendly applications to be hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop. These applications leverage Citrix customers’ existing Citrix infrastructure and enables them to deliver mobilized, touch-enabled applications while keeping sensitive corporate data secure in the data center and not cached on an easily lost, misplaced, or stolen mobile device.

The SDK has over 50 APIs available along with a number of programming language bindings supported out of the box. These API’s allow developers to produce specific mobile-friendly UI’s for new and existing enterprise applications that match the capabilities of smartphone and tablet devices.

For more details, visit theĀ Mobile SDK for Windows Apps Community page.

Download the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps here (requires a valid account)