PubForum 2010 Agenda

Since the European Citrix Synergy 2010 event is rock solid booked, and full, and you did not get a ticket, the PubForum 2010 in Berlin could be an alternative for you!

PubForum features fellow CTP’s of mine such as Rene Vester (DK), Rick Dehlinger (US) and Helge Klein (Germany).
Here is an overview of the speakers and sessions at PubForum 2010


Sessions List – more to come every day. Plus more Master Master Classes.

“And in Recent News… “ A roundup of announcements and messages from Synergy Berlin. Simon Frost, Citrix UK

“User Profiles Inside Out”, Helge Klein

User profiles have been high on the list of pain points in server-based computing for a long time, second only to printing. The situation has not changed much over the years, even though Vista and Server 2008 introduced the new V2 profile format. Naturally, many vendors have jumped on the bandwagon and released products designed to help alleviate the pain. In addition to third-party solutions, there are numerous ways to tweak the way user profiles work, each with its own merits. Consider folder redirection: surely a good thing!? But should you redirect AppData?

In this session, Helge outlines the choices an administrator of a centralized computing environment has, be it VDI or “traditional” Citrix XenApp. You will learn about the dos and don’ts when configuring or troubleshooting user profiles and know how to avoid common mistakes.

“Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: Featuring Hyper-V Dynamic Memory”, Aidan Finn (MVP: Virtual Machine), Infrastructure Team Lead with System Dynamics

Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is around the corner.  It introduces some new features that will be of huge interest to anyone that is interested in Hyper-V or Remote Desktop Services (including Citrix software).  Memory is often the main constraint in virtual machine to host density.  Dynamic IT provides a new mechanism for configuring virtual machines with a variable amount of memory.  Aidan will discuss what over commitment is and how it is bad.  He’ll then introduces you to the mechanics behind Dynamic Memory and show it in action.  Aidan will also introduce you to RemoteFX.  This is a new solution to provide high quality graphics, such as 1080p video, to Remote Desktop clients.  This will be used in Remote Desktop Services and compatible Citrix solutions.

“HDX 3D real world experiences / configuration and considerations”, Ronald Grass and Martin Rohde

“ Whither the ICA Client?” , Simon Frost, Citrix UK. An outline of the current state of Citrix ‘client’ components and client management. If you’re not sure what the roles of Receiver, Merchandising Server, Dazzle etc are, this session will attempt to clarify what goes where.

“ Deliver your client component via Citrix Receiver” , Simon Frost, Citrix UK. How to prepare a Metadata file for your client installer that will allow the Merchandising Server to treat it as a plugin and arrange for Citrix Receiver to deliver it to a Windows or Mac desktop.

“App streaming: architecture and troubleshooting techniques”, Karen Sciberras and Jesus Gonzalez

“XenApp and XenDesktop authentication  ”, Lalit Kaushal, Escalation Engineer EMEA

“Debugging XenApp and XenDesktop issues”, Lalit Kaushal, Escalation Engineer EMEA

“Kerberos and Smart Card authentication for XA/XD”, Lalit Kaushal, Escalation Engineer EMEA

“AG5 the first step into the future of Access Gateway”, Jay Tomlin, Citrix US

new Generation of Access Gateway for secure and flexible access to XA/XD

“Repeater and ICA Acceleration”

“AG-e 9-to-success (live!)”, Peter Leimgruber, Citrix Germany

The nine steps for a successful implementation of AG-e in front of XA/XD (Licensing; IP+routing; certificates; authentication; authorization; WebInterface; session policies; HA; logging&monitoring)


“ Web 2.0 and the “Access the Cloud” + “XS Virtual Switch”

“TSL, RDGWL, VDIL”, Frane Borozan
In this session we will present you brand new redesigned Terminal Services Log, with a new GUI (new features (performance monitoring (CPU, memory), RDP/ICA traffic billing, real time email alerts, custom views/reports, zero footprint technology), a brand new product that allows you to monitor gateway role in Windows 2008 R1/R2 and a VDI monitoring product that supports Citrix XD, Microsoft VDI and Quest vWorkspace.


‘Entertaining BYOC? Beware the Perimeter’, Rick Dehlinger


Abstract: The proliferation of cost effective, well connected devices has put lots of computing power in the hands of our users. In many cases, these devices are owned by the end-user, and are not managed by corporate IT. With many more inventive devices slated to hit the market in the next year or two, this trend is not likely to change, so IT must define and execute a strategy for coping with/servicing a more technically savvy, demanding user base.

One of the key ‘battle grounds’ that IT must be prepared for in executing on an effective strategy is the system perimeter. How do we identify devices and determine their ‘trust’ level? How do we adapt the access/usage experience to cope with a broad variety of devices and high user expectations? How do we manage corporate data, and ensure it isn’t stolen or compromised when we don’t ‘own’ the endpoint devices?

This session explores some of the lessons learned during the design and initial execution of a sophisticated, long term strategy which includes the ability to provide services to un-managed devices (often referred to as ‘BYOC’, or ‘Bring Your Own Computer’).”


“Cloudy Or Not – To be or …”, Jorge Luis

“A day in the life of RES Software Support”, Presenter: Martin Lako


“Drinks with content”
SMS PASSCODE will serve drinks during this session, where Rene Vester will demonstrate a couple of new things such as Citrix Receiver for iPad and Android Receiver and XenDesktop while we will serve beer and have Sasa make white Russians”

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