RES Software Improves IT Service Delivery for Healthcare with Enhanced Context Aware Capabilities

Workspace virtualization leader RES Software has announced technology enhancements to its RES Workspace Manager solution aimed at improving the management of IT services within hospital environments. These developments come in response to the growing needs of clinical care facilities for flexible and easy-to-use IT solutions that maximize the quality of patient care while addressing stringent regulatory compliance and data security restrictions.

With the latest release of RES Workspace Manager, IT can further leverage context rules to dynamically manage clinicians’ access to critical IT services based on the end-user’s role, device, location and time of day as they roam throughout clinical environments. New enhancements allow for a more granular level of managing employees’ access, down to the closest wireless network access point within the organization. These context rules can be applied to many key IT services, including printing, network drive mappings, applications containing sensitive patient data and much more.

“The heightened flexibility of the RES Workspace Manager’s context awareness will allow end-users such as doctors and other clinical professionals to have a much more nimble working environment,” said Bob Janssen, Chief Technology Officer of RES Software. “In a profession where patient data is extremely sensitive and classified, combined with the added pressure of compliance standards, security has to be the crux of a workspace virtualization solution. Clinicians need access to the appropriate apps, data, settings and printers based on the changing context of the situation. Our enhancements to RES Workspace Manager grant end-users’ workspaces the ability to utilize programs and features that are critical for their productivity without compromising security, right down to the closest wireless access zone within a hospital. This is a unique capability that is perfectly suited for such a compliance-driven industry.”

RES Workspace Manager is a lightweight solution that allows enterprises to manage every user’s workspace from a single console by separating it from the underlying infrastructure, giving IT the ability to manage which IT services are exposed to users under various conditions. Previously, a user’s location was determined by their IP address and individual network as opposed to a larger network’s designation. Now, accessibility and security settings of IT services can be configured by the physical location of the end-user and their authorized administrative privileges in that specific area. Clinical professionals can roam to public areas, even inside the hospital walls, and their workspace will dynamically reconfigure to ensure limited access to sensitive data to avoid any potential compliance breaches.

To protect an enterprise’s wireless network zones from external interference, RES Workspace Manager offers the possibility to limit the configuration of the wireless network zone rules to known or trusted access points only.