Sanbolic releases Melio version 5


Sanbolic Enables Distributed Flash, SSD and HDD to Achieve Enterprise Systems Capability and Scale-Out In Server-Side and Commodity Storage Deployments

Sanbolic has announced the general availability of its Melio5 software, which aggregates across nodes for scale-out and availability while providing RAID, remote replication, quality of service (QoS), snapshots and system functionality through a software layer on commodity hardware. This provides using organizations the ability to reduce the cost of storage when compared to that provided by high-end storage array vendors with no loss in functionality.

As server-side flash has become more prevalent in data centers of all sizes, the use of caching algorithms in front of legacy storage area networks has grown. Melio5 provides a better capability by joining server-side storage with other storage devices into hybrid volumes, maximizing the storage services. The result is highly available storage that operates at fraction of the cost of the typical storage array.

With Melio 5, each server becomes a node in a network of as many as 2,048 nodes, and depending on the storage attached to each server, can be capable of 650,000 input-output operations per second (IOPs). Up to 65,000 storage devices can be aggregated across the network. 


Melio 5 identifies and aggregates all system hard disk drive and solid-state storage resources to create tiered storage levels with solid-state and spinning disk to balance performance, capacity and costs.

By aggregating server-side PCIe flash cards and SSDs, Melio 5 can place persistent data within servers, or use the solid-state resources as caches. It can act as a caching manager to cache frequently used data dynamically or according to policy.

Servers running Melio 5 share volumes and use data in the shared volumes to recover lost or corrupted data. Melio 5 also maintains cache coherency to keep cached data consistent across nodes. As a file system and SAN volume manager, Melio 5 provides concurrent read and write access to multiple devices and virtual machines.

“LSI and Sanbolic’s shared vision and complementary products help customers to dramatically improve the performance, flexibility and economics of their on-premise storage infrastructure,” said Brent Blanchard, Senior Director of Worldwide Channel Sales and Marketing, LSI Corporation. “LSI’s Nytro™ family of server-side flash acceleration cards and leading SAS-based server storage connectivity solutions, in combination with Sanbolic Melio5 software, will enable customers to deploy integrated and highly scalable, high-performance storage solutions to meet the challenges of exponential data growth and increased application availability.”

“By utilizing high performance commodity storage devices Melio5 scales linearly, provides systems level availability, and 650,000 IOPs per server,” said Momchil “Memo” Michailov, Co-Founder and CEO, Sanbolic. “Software enabled storage with this level of performance is disruptive to legacy vendors by allowing our enterprise customers to leverage flash, SSD server-side architecture, together with high capacity hard drives, to create a scalable infrastructure, with Web 2.0 economics.”