Xangati Achieves 10 Industry Firsts for Infrastructure Performance Management in Virtual Environments

Company announces sweeping product enhancements in 2nd release of virtual appliance suite; Concurrently unveils free VMware tool with unprecedented ESX visibility

CUPERTINO, CA – Xangati, the emerging leader in infrastructure performance management, today unveiled two significant additions to its product portfolio: the first, ground-breaking capabilities released across its entire suite of virtualization management solutions – Xangati for ESX and the Xangati Management Dashboard (XMD); the second, a new and completely free Xangati for ESX that offers never-before-seen functionality for a no-cost management tool (see related release). The aggressive move to capture the market significantly enhances Xangati’s product line, provides a no-brainer mechanism for trial and creates a unified approach for administrators to manage their entire virtualized infrastructures.

With new capabilities designed to cover the entire virtual infrastructure, Xangati is the only infrastructure performance management (IPM) solution that provides performance insights for VMs, ESX hosts, storage, applications and end-user devices across both the physical and virtual infrastructure – without any need for server or desktop agents. In only its second release, Xangati has achieved 10 industry firsts, with new product capabilities that include:

  • entire virtual infrastructure presented in one pane of glass: servers, VMs, network, storage, applications, end-users in the same dashboard without server/desktop agents;
  • continuous scroll-bar views for Virtual Infrastructure (VI) performance (including vCenter “real-time” CPU, memory and disk statistics);
  • auto-thresholding, alerting and recording for response time metrics (within the VI, VI-to-physical network, and VI-to-storage);
  • vCenter alerts trigger rich DVR recordings (at VM and ESX host level);
  • one-click Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) end-user initiated problem recordings; and,
  • partitioned, real-time VM visibility login for application and server owners to obtain vCenter statistics.

In addition, the release provides auto-thresholding and continuous monitoring for up to 200,000 IP identities (which includes VMs), as well as instant reporting on the top 100 users for CPU, memory and disk. Thirty-five top ten lists can also be continuously processed and presented in real-time, and traffic activity per vSwitch port is presented to-the-second.

“A lack of knowledge about how application tiers interact with each other is a key stumbling block to the migration of line of business applications in virtualized environments,” said Alan Robin, CEO at Xangati. “A recent survey indicates 82% of VI administrators don’t have confidence in existing tools to manage application performance. By providing a comprehensive framework for all of the infrastructure components, Xangati gives insight into communications between the layers of a multi-tier application – both before and after virtualization – giving businesses the assurance they need to extend their virtualization initiatives.”

“A completely different breed of management solutions is essential to manage the dynamic environment of today’s growing virtualized infrastructures,” said Vanessa Alvarez, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Server performance metrics are not enough. Xangati has taken virtualization management beyond simple data collection from vCenter to the next level, providing a comprehensive approach that both understands infrastructure performance – across servers, network and storage – and offers visibility for devices spanning both the physical and virtual worlds.”

New Capabilities Accelerate Customer Line of Business Virtualization, VDI and Obliterate VM Stall
By addressing both server and network metrics in detail, the new version of Xangati’s virtual appliance suite gives administrators a comprehensive and integrated method for managing the virtualized infrastructure, enabling better management of all its parts not just server performance. Users can now view all critical data real-time on one UI and can easily see how a problem in one device might correspond with another to identify underlying causes.

Xangati’s new capabilities also enable troubleshooting up to 10 times faster than previously possible. For example, the XMD can now receive SNMP traps triggered by vCenter alerts for both ESX hosts and VMs. This, in turn, triggers an automated DVR recording on a problem object, giving users extensive and rich data for faster problem analysis. Because recordings can be easily shared, they also facilitate transparency between the VI team and the application/server owner for better joint problem resolution.

“The continuous DVR recording gives us incredible knowledge into the infrastructure, so that we can quickly identify and resolve problems,” said Scott Forrest, Director of Networks and Infrastructure, Guess, Inc., a pilot user. “Xangati’s DVR recording allowed us to trace a CPU spiking to an inefficiently-coded ‘all hands’ video that was being watched by a large number of users. Not only did the DVR recording catch the problem, but a copy of the recording was also immediately sent to our video production team who immediately corrected it.”

For VDI, Xangati can proactively track response times from the VI to remote sites across the WAN as well as to storage on the back-end. Leveraging Xangati’s auto-thresholding, alerting and recording capabilities for latency, a VI admin will know in advance about a response time issue affecting end-user performance. And by being informed, the admin can work with their peers to resolve the issue before desktop support calls start. At the same time, end-users can leverage a simple web portal to initiate a recording of the complete activity at the time they are having a poor experience with their virtual desktop. This insight is another way to accelerate problem resolution and ties back to both the virtual and physical infrastructure.

A top U.S. law firm, with hundreds of users, was moving to VDI but experiencing significant performance problems and unable to recreate intermittent end-user performance issues. With the XMD, IT was immediately able to identify a user of a document scanning system as the top generator of VDI workload and determined that the rate limits had not been properly configured.

Pricing and Availability
Xangati’s enhanced solutions are available now. The Xangati Management Dashboard Standard edition is still available starting at $4,999; and the Enterprise edition starting at $9,999.

“XMD was not only priced more competitively than other dashboards we looked at, it also gave us far superior functionality, enabling us to quickly identify and resolve problem areas on our infrastructure,” said Davin Garcia, IT Manager at Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc. “The solution easily paid for itself within the first month of use.”

Xangati supports visibility into not just VMware environments but heterogeneous virtualization environments including those also driven by Citrix and Microsoft, among others. To reach a sales representative for more information and to have a discussion about the solution that’s right for your organization.

About Xangati
Xangati, the emerging leader in Infrastructure Performance Management solutions, accelerates virtualization by providing critical VM visibility previously unavailable, enabling superior design, optimization and troubleshooting for the virtual infrastructure.

Xangati, Inc. is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner and is tightly integrated with VMware vCenter Management Suite, is a privately held company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Cupertino, California. For more information, visit the company website at https://www.xangati.com.