Xangati and Citrix Collaborate To Deliver Superior Performance Management for HDX Sessions in XenDesktop Environments


Xangati, the recognized leader in infrastructure performance management, today announced that it has collaborated with Citrix Systems to deliver comprehensive and live insights into Citrix HDX, a core technology within the XenDesktop platform, through its Xangati VDI Dashboard.

With the deeper insight and 360-degree visibility offered through the Xangati VDI Dashboard, organizations can now ensure the highest performance possible for their high definition virtual apps and desktops delivered through the HDX technology, maximizing end-user satisfaction and ensuring the success of desktop virtualization initiatives.

“By extending our live views to encompass the Citrix HDX technology, Xangati gives organizations another tool to guarantee end-user experience and drive the highest value from their VDI deployments,” said Alan Robin, CEO of Xangati. “Organizations must have critical latency insights to identify where the slowdown in a VDI session exists.  Working together with Citrix, we are pleased to offer deeper insights into HDX technology to track end-to-end network latency and to couple with that our detailed knowledge of storage latency for a given desktop VM.  These live latency insights can also be recorded and will be invaluable to XenDesktop administrators who can share this information with network and storage administrators who can remediate issues immediately.”

The Xangati VDI Dashboard gives administrators a continuous view into HDX sessions, alongside other critical elements impacting the VDI, such as network, server, storage, desktops and applications. With hundreds of thousands of physical and virtual elements impacting the VDI, the Xangati VDI Dashboard fills a need by providing a complete view of the entire infrastructure for proactive and actionable problem solving. With a 360-degree view of all critical components delivered in a structured health dashboard, end-user computing administrators can easily locate the cause of a problem – and slash time to problem resolution by as much as 70 percent.

“With Citrix HDX technology, we can meet our users’ increasing requirements for access to high definition apps and desktops from any device – on-demand,” Kevin Richards, PC Systems Analyst at Athabasca University. “Now, with additional insights provided from the Xangati VDI Dashboard, we can visually see what’s occurring in the HDX session next to all the other elements that impact our virtual desktop environment. Having this view allows us to deliver fast and accurate troubleshooting – keeping our end users happy and our initiative on track.”

HDX session insights can also be captured through Xangati’s trademark DVR recordings – giving VDI administrators  a Visual Trouble Ticket showing them all the information they need to identify and resolve an end-user experience issue thanks to the direct assistance of the end user. Xangati’s patent-pending Performance Health Engine also continuously monitors the VDI, alerting administrators to any anomalies that may impact the end-user experience.