AppSense DataNow Delivers Anywhere Data Access with IT Integration and Governance


AppSense, the leader in people-centric computing, today announces the introduction of AppSense DataNow, an enterprise data orchestration solution that makes users instantly productive anywhere without compromising IT governance, efficiency, and economics.

Simple integration of DataNow with existing enterprise desktops and storage infrastructure allows mobile knowledge workers, C-level executives and IT managers to securely enable a frictionless anywhere data experience. DataNow enables enterprise consumerization by offering users anywhere productivity from any device while providing IT with granular control over how sensitive corporate data is managed and accessed.

DataNow fills an important piece in the people-centric computing puzzle by making user work assets portable. Orchestration of user data is a logical extension of the AppSense user virtualization capabilities set. The UV Platform already manages user elements such as desktop configuration, personalization, and user rights dynamically and independently from the underling desktop and application platform.

“The emergence of tablets and smartphones is rewriting how users are accessing Enterprise data,” said Harry Labana, CTO and VP of Product Management of AppSense. “IT Managers have deep investments in their existing storage systems in terms of architecture, capacity, and security.  It makes sense to leverage these investments first to empower users now, and introduce cloud-based storage systems as they mature and meet corporate IT requirements.”

 AppSense DataNow empowers IT managers with a data access and governance solution that unlocks new value from existing IT investments, avoiding inconvenient and insecure workarounds often taken by workers in need of access to business critical data. DataNow ensures user computing workflow remains efficient while providing IT with strategic features including:


  • Anywhere data access from corporate PCs, employee-owned PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Turn-key setup and configuration with no duplication of or changes to existing IT infrastructure
  • Granular policy-control framework to ensure security and governance
  • Flexibility to begin with existing on-premise storage infrastructure and optionally explore cloud storage options in the future


AppSense DataNow provides a robust set of data orchestration and policy controls that address both corporate and personal devices. At the heart of the solution is an Intelligent Data Broker (IDB) that can be added to an existing IT infrastructure in minutes. DataNow works in concert with a collection of native applications for Windows, Mac, smartphones, and tablet devices, as well as a flexible web interface, to make users instantly productive anywhere without compromising security or regulatory challenges.


“As tablet and smartphone use explodes and the line between corporate and personal devices blurs, enterprise IT teams face a brand new set of operational challenges,” said Jake Hughes, Director of Partner Experience and Innovation, Seattle Children’s Hospital. “The most successful organizations will be the ones that can empower users to be productive anywhere while ensuring that IT governance and regulatory compliance is not compromised.”


The AppSense DataNow public beta program is now open to applications at /appsense-datanow . AppSense will be showcasing DataNow at the Microsoft Management Summit 2012, April 16-20 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Demonstrations will be made in Booth #109.